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Hypercapnia and Trade Outbreak

Hypercapnia: Excessive carbon dioxide in the blood.

Symptoms and signs of early hypercapnia include flushed skin, full pulse, extrasystoles, muscle twitches, hand flaps, reduced neural activity, and possibly a raised blood pressure. According to other sources, symptoms of mild hypercapnia might include headache, confusion and lethargy. Delirium and Obtundation (dulled alertness)

I think I have spotted a mass outbreak of it. Quick, rush some oxygen masks to Copenhagen...


Raised blood pressure, to be sure.

In Goldman Sachs' case, the symptoms are drooling and the cause is the sheer amount of dosh they stand to make from this.

They are the real culprits in this global warming scam - they and and their government placemen. They stand to make hundreds of billions and that sum is GUARANTEED to rise.

This is the scandal of the century and governments are playing along.

You have to ask yourself why that might be.

Small point In your Witagenamot Woundup you do not have the Reference Frame. Brian

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