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Urban Heat Differences in England "Increase Substantially" Published Paper

Over the years we have taken an interest in the Central England Temperature record on this blog. One of the contributing stations is Rothamstead and with the release of the data files from the Met Office I wondered how it compared to a more urban neighbour Cambridge which is 40 miles away and has a similar timescale of full data in the release; 1872 - 1968.
(The data from the two stations has continued to be collected but I haven't got it.)
In compiling the CET they compare these two stations and there is no difference

A simple average temperature for each year and then subtract the Rothamsted figure from the Cambridge one gives this graph.


Looks like quite an Urban Heat rise over that period.

Since then Parker et al have "evaluated recent urban warming influences at the chosen stations by comparison with nearby rural stations, and have corrected the series from 1974 onwards. The corrections do not (yet) exceed 0.1°C." I take this to mean that they have compared Rothamsted with even more rural neighbours. It would be interesting to find out more about them.

There is a paper on this which I haven't seen cited anywhere, if anyone has access to it I would like to read it all.

Urban Development and Its Effects on the Local Temperature Regime, by J. M. Craddock © 1972 Royal Statistical Society.
The subject is reviewed, and evidence from many sources is collated with findings based on a comparison over the period 1878 to 1968 between the monthly mean temperatures recorded at Kew Meteorological Observatory in London and those at Rothamsted Experimental Station near Harpenden. The differences, which increase substantially during the 90 years, provide evidence not only of the spread of the London conurbation around Kew, but also of the rise in standards of domestic comfort, and of the passing of the Clean Air Act in 1956.


Unless my old eyes deceive me, there looks to be no particular trend since 1920.

Not to mention, before I accepted the figures at all I would want to know they have not been subjected to the famous "fudge factor", lowering earlier temperatures and raising the later ones.

I have a pdf copy - strictly for non-commercial use. Having looked at the conditions under which I got the copy I believe I can send it to you.

e:mail address, please (as a comment to this thread)

For the UHI effect on the temperature change, what matters is not how urban the site is, but how much it has urbanised over the period in question.

Rothamsted Agricultural Research Institute is on the edge of Harpenden - now a medium-sized town of 30,000 in easy commuting distance from London. I pass it every day on my way to work and back. The field by the weather station has become a cricket pitch. The main London road that goes past 10 metres from the front door did not exist 100 yrs ago. A new major research centre building was built on the site in 2003

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