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Miliband Gets Us to Pay for the Negatives

MPs’ expenses: David Miliband claimed for photo shoots amid leadership rumours - Telegraph

The Foreign Secretary’s use of a professional photographer will be made public for the first time on Thursday, when Parliament publishes all recent MPs’ claims. On Thursday morning his claims for the 2008-09 financial year will be made public for the first time, including two photo shoots he organised in his constituency and paid for using his office allowance, then known as the Incidental Expenses Provision.
The first, which cost £125, was described on the invoice by a local photographer as “photographic work undertaken of David Miliband in his constituency”.
The second photo shoot, using the same photographer and costing £100, was described on the invoice as “photographic work undertaken of David Miliband MP during constituency visits… for newsletter”.


I would love to see the photos that weren't published...


Well considering WE PAID FOR THEM surely they belong to us? I don't recall being asked to pay for the Boy Blunder's propaganda photos.
Advice for the young man on the left of the photo, next time dig a deeper hole and make sure you hit the target.

Hey Mister, you keep your hands where I can see them

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