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The Real Cost of Climate Alarmism

Britain angers poor nations with plan to switch cash from health to climate - Times Online

National aid budgets dedicated to reducing global poverty would be raided to establish a “climate fund” to help developing countries to adapt to climate change, under a British plan tabled yesterday in Copenhagen.
Money earmarked for education or health would be diverted into projects such as solar panels and wind farms.

Bastards, utter bastards, take money away from the sick and ignorant, money that saves lives and provides the best hope for the future and spunk it away on spoilt little rich kids toys.



Money which was to have been funnelled to foreign despots via the "Aid" budget is instead going to be funnelled to foreign despots via the "Global Warming" budget.

It ends up in the same Swiss Bank Accounts anyway, why get worked up about it?

All foreign aid besides outright disaster relief is counterproductive and therefore intrinsically evil. Couple that with the sort of Leftist quangocrats that infest NGOs and there is a powerful case for scrapping it entirely. If some Somalian goat herder wants a school or a hospital, he can bloody well pay for it himself. We in the West owe him nothing. Nada. Zip. In fact he probably owes us.

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