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Catty Libertarian Blog Review

taw's blog: What is libertarianism - blog edition

The mangy cat took the following list of "Top 20 Libertarian blogs", with top 5 posts ignoring extremely short ones which just link somewhere else, and other funny/unrelated posts. List is very UK-centric, but it doesn't matter.

Guido Fawkes
Devil's Kitchen
Old Holborn
Obnoxio the Clown
Underdogs Bite Upwards
Tim Worstall
Boatang & Demetriou
Dick Puddlecote
Last Ditch
Constantly Furious
Anna Raccoon
Freedom to Choose
Rantin' Rab
Plato Says
Charles Crawford
An Englishman's Castle
Frank Davis
Oxford Libertarian Society

...the posts I've seen were just so bad that of 100 I've checked I cannot point a single one that had any new insights or was interesting in any way. Few even pass basic sanity tests - not just by being contrarian - contrarian posts are much more interesting to read than ones that repeat the conventional wisdom - but by simply not having any idea what they write about.

Did I mention I don't like cats?


Hey! Leave cats out of this. You may be a good blogger, but come near my long-haired gravy-coloured feline rapscallion and ... ;-)

I considered commenting over at Taw's place, but then I saw that DK, DP and Leg-iron were already on the case.

It'd be like a bit like golden retriever weighing in on the side of a pit bull, a rottweiler and a doberman, and actually thinking that his goofy grin would tilt the balance of the fight.

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