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Wootton Bassett

Wootton Bassett, outpost of lost England | Frank Skinner - Times Online

While the rest of us soul-search, argue and protest about Iraq and Afghanistan, Wootton Bassett stands in simple silence. This week the town’s mayor said he was worried about the arrival of Question Time because debates about these wars should take place “anywhere in the country except Wootton Bassett”. The mayoress added: “We have stayed out of all the politics.”
There’s probably as much doubt, anger and terrible not-knowing in Wootton Bassett as there is everywhere else in Britain.

Let’s face it, there’s probably more. We just need them to keep it to themselves. That’s become their job.

There is one of those revealable road signs concreted into place on the road into Wootton Bassett. One of those signs that are split and can be opened out to reveal the warning when appropriate. It reads:
Warning, Delays Possible HM Forces Repatriation Ceremony

A permanent sign and reminder.


I heard Mr Choudray on 5 live this morning and was outraged at his protest.

If he is a British Citizen he should be supporting British Troops, please remind him this is a war against terrorism in the UK and not about religion.

If he feels so strongly about the muslims dying in Afghanistan and Iraq he should go and live there and fight the cause in that country. I cannot believe a British lawyer of any religion would act in this way it is disrespectful to British Troops and their families.

I have a nephew who is in the army and he is advised not to wear his uniform when on leave as he will become a target it is people like Mr Choudray who have brought this about, anyone who serves their country should be able to wear their uniform anywhere in the UK and feel proud and safe.

Mr Choudray is not worthy of being a British citizen and should be stripped of his British Citizenship.

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