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Population saviour as 'people's turbine' set to make £200k a year
Westray's turbine cost £1.6 million, with £761,000 coming from the Big Lottery Fund and the rest from community funds and a loan from the sustainable bank, Triodos.
Will Ferguson, communications officer with Triodos Bank said the attractions of such schemes are financial, environmental and social.
"The beauty of it is that it's sustainable financially as well as environmentally, while helping to keep the lifeblood of the community, its people, there," he said.

Financially sustainable according to the bank expert, who could doubt it?


They aren't sustainable, they're barely profitable even with government subsidies. They cost a fortune to maintain and apparently they're bloody noisy too.


This being one of the windiest places in the UK of course.

Would it have raised that much income if the total cost of the turbine had been raised commercially at normal interest rates?

Westray will be connected to the grid by an expensive submarine cable that was probably put in as a non-commercial service to the community. Is the full cost of that cable being paid by the organisation running the turbine as presumably the electricity company owning the cable is now no longer getting much revenue from consumers on the island.

Financially sustainable as long as the taxpayers are chipping in an enormous subsidy.

Some sustainability that.

Of course one can understand the attraction for the landowners, constructors, etc. It gives them open sesame to the taxpayer's pocket. Who wouldn't go for it?

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