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Tony Blair, Don't Worry About The Truth Just Trust Me

Copenhagen climate summit: talks not on track, warns Ed Miliband - Telegraph

Speaking in Copenhagen on Sunday Tony Blair, the former prime minister, said the world must take action on climate change even if the science is not correct.
Reacting to recent claims by climate change sceptics, Mr Blair said the science might not be “as certain as its proponents allege”.

Trust Tony's hunches rather than worry about facts, how could we go wrong doing that?


I used to feel sorry for the chap having to sleep with that vile harridan but my sympathy is running out. What an absolute lying and evil shitbag. The arrogance of the turd. The sooner the bastard is banged up in a cell in The hague, awaiting trial for war crimes, the better. Throw away the key.

MarkS; which 'vile harridan' do you mean? Mandelson or Campbell?

Mandelson, of course!

Doh! Should have known!

the world must take action on climate change even if the science is not correct

FFS! The statments being made about Project Save The Planet become more and more detached from reality.

Out here in the real world, if I put together a feasibility study that proposed the expenditure of billions of pounds based on a budget that could be out by as much as 50% (see Lord Stern's cost estimates) I'd be lucky to keep not to find myself working permanent night shift at the worst mine in the company. If one of my former team mates then approached the board and urged them to accept the proposal "even if the basic assumptions on which the project is based were wrong" we wouldn't just be redeployed, we'd be ritually disembowelled at the main entrance to Head Office.

Can someone please explain to me why Tony Blair is still regarded as a great statesman? From where I stand he's not even competent enough to be a shaft-bottom shit shoveller.

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