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More Christmas Cheer

Santa promotes obesity and drink-driving, claims health expert - Telegraph

Dr Nathan Grills from Monash University in Australia said the idea of a fat Father Christmas gorging on brandy and mince pies as he drove his sleigh around the world delivering presents was not the best way to promote a healthy and safe lifestyle among the young.
Writing on bmj.com, Dr Grills said: "Santa only needs to affect health by 0.1 per cent to damage millions of lives."
Dr Grills carried out a review of literature and web-based material to assess Santa's potential negative impact on public health.
Dr Grills claimed Santa also had the potential to spread harmful diseases.
"If Santa sneezes or coughs around 10 times a day, all the children who sit on his lap may end up with swine flu as well as their Christmas present," he said.

Australia must be a wonderful place where there is no one ill so Doctors have time to carry out such research.


Perhaps part of the reason we drink so much is to ease the pain of twelve years of New Labour talking to us as if we were simpleton's

Once again, the learned men of science prove to be humourless gits.

Any time a doctor opens his yap to scold us poor plebs on TV or the web he should have his thumbs broken with a lump hammer.

You will find that in Australia they prefer to promote footballers who regularly get in drunken brawls as role models.

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