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Today’s Ritchie

Mystery of Tony Blair's money solved | guardian.co.uk

The winner of the Guardian's online contest to solve the mystery of Blair's finances is Richard Murphy, a crusading accountant from Tax Research UK. His entry unearthed the small print of the Partnership (Accounts) Regulations 2008 to reveal that Blair has found an unusual method to keep his wealth secret from the rest of us.


Grinning shyster vs. pompous Leftoid know-nothing? Shame they both can't lose.

Well, yeah but not but. Partnerships never had to publish accounts, until they invented LLPs (and I can see the point of making LLP's) publish accounts. But even in the absence of these regulations (which may or may not have been written by TB for the benefit of TB, we can't rule that out) TB could have achieved the same thing by having an LP with himself as limited partner* and a limited company with a £1 share capital as unlimited partner, a bit like a GmbH & Co KG in Germany.

* OK, a limited partner is not supposed to be active in management of the business, but how long is a piece of string?

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