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An Englishman in Snow

Heavy snowfall blanketed parts of Britain last night as forecasters warned that treacherous conditions could lead to disruption on main road and rail networks.


I'm prepare for the worst, the skis are waxed, the tie tightly tied and the rather natty Fair Isle pullover has been found in the bottom drawer. Even in these difficult times there is no excuse to lower one standards and start wearing plastic clothing.


Having lived in the UK for a number of years before returning to The Thuggish Petro-State Formerly Known As Canada,* I recall with fondness those occasions in London when a dusting of snow created utter chaos.

That said, I was always impressed by the sheer optimism and resourcefulness of British kids, who seemed to keep a sled, toboggan or plastic "slide-sheet" of some sort tucked away in the shed just on the off-chance there might be some snow.

And could this weather come at a more fitting moment when all the grim potentates and pompous grandees of Climate-changedom are assembled in Denmark?**

"Even in these difficult times there is no excuse to lower one standards and start wearing plastic clothing."

Indeed. When cross-country skiing out here in the Marlborough Forest, I insist on using the skis and fittings that have stood me in good stead for 30 years while wearing a big Norwegian sweater purchased many moons ago in Narvik. Nothing ruins my enjoyment of a day out on a peaceful ski trail than "over-professionally" dressed Ottawa urbanites sporting the latest carbonite ski monstrosities and decked out in astronaut costumes. May they be struck by hypothermia!

Mug of hot coffee in hand, fireplace blazing, stalwart little chickadees at the bird feeder,
Old dog now sleeping on his daybed after a morning constitutional on a glorious, crisp, blue-sky Friday in the Ottawa Valley countryside (-21° C)

* As opposed to the Enlightened Petro-State Formerly Known As Venezuela, of course.

** Silly old me. After all, weather isn't climate, is it? Or whatever the latest self-justifying mantra of the warmenist cause is...

Wel,, you'll just have to have our white Christmas for us. Long-range forecast for our area is sunny with temps around 40F (whatever that is in your Euro-units).

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