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My Father's Ax


Today I have mainly been fitting a new hickory handle to my Father's ax, and touching up the edge for sharpness. Of course it would have been cheaper and easier to buy a new one but I was taught how to swing an ax with this one, a skill very few people seem to have, and even with a new handle it is still his old ax, and I have some work for it planned.

(Axe with an e is some god-damned frenchification by effete Cambridge graduates and bloody spell checkers.)


M fathger's ax....

I've had to replace the handle three times, and the head once....

So many fine points in two sentences. [Applause]

My octogenarian father recently made me a saw bench.

A good axe is a pleasure to use. Good to hear that a well looked after tool will stay in service for years. Quite amazing though is the number of seriously blunt ones.

"Ax" without the "e" is the New York idiom for "ask". It must have an "e" at the end. French or not. Sorry.

A tool like that you keep.

Preferably forever, passed on.

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