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Copenhagen Road Trip

Actress Helen Baxendale goes on a low-carbon trip to Copenhagen - Times Online
HelenB.gifObviously there will be people who say: “What the hell is she going for? She's got nothing to add. And that's true.
I’m doing foot exercises because I’m concerned about getting deep-vein thrombosis. My bum's gone numb and my neck's cricked from falling asleep sitting up.
We begin to play “Top five vegetables”, a made-up game that seems hilarious in the circumstances. We also talk about the vital importance of achieving a strong agreement, the probability of that happening, and the power wielded by big multinational energy companies affecting that outcome.
I’m the only one who has brought a large sheet to drape over a table, making my own little tent. It seems a bit precious in this communal atmosphere. Oh well, I am an actress, after all.


I'd really like to know which were named the top five vegetables - Was Al Gore in the running?

"Oh well, I am an actress, after all." Is she? I thought she was an underwear moddoo. Either way, are her views on anything particularly informative to any thinking person? I have to file this under "Pretty frippet to sell more dead trees"

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