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Obama - Quitter not a fighter.

Copenhagen: 'Toothless' climate deal struck by superpowers - Scotsman.com News

Mr Obama suggested that the five-nation agreement would be adopted by the larger summit in its closing hours. "I am leaving before the final vote," he said.

What a quitter he is, only deigning to turn up because he thought there was something to sign, running away as soon as it all gets a bit sticky. You would think all his years in the Chicago Political Machine would make him feel at home in the squalid deal making corruption of Copenhagen. Maybe he doesn't like to be reminded of how he rose to power.


I heard he's left early because of an uncommon December blizzard, which has since closed all the airports in Washington, DC! Poetic Justice?

Actually he came back quickly because he was afraid it would be another six months before he could get back into the White House. They were having trouble keeping the airport open, the roads clear, and the Polar Bears scared away in Washington DC. Global warming seems to forming glaciers in the Northern parts of the US.

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