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Porrit Rebranding Decivilisation

Selling a low-carbon life just got harder | Jonathon Porritt - Times Online

Politicians will have to get even smarter in making the case — for improved energy efficiency in the home (saving you a lot of money), reduced car use (less congestion, healthier lifestyles), less waste and even more recycling (saving even more money), and more holidays at home rather than abroad (less hassle, good for the economy).
The fact that low-carbon lifestyles are both healthier and cheaper gives politicians plenty to work with. But the past two weeks in Copenhagen have not made that task any easier.

Translation - Politicians need to change the lies they tell as the old ones are worn out.


Actually they don't need to get smarter at all. As Mr Porrit demonstrates there are perfectly reasonable and logical reasons for improving energy efficiency (though I remain unconvinced about the monetary benefits of recycling given that it frequently needs state subsidies to be worthwhile).

What politicians need to do is stop confusing these valid arguments with the increasingly discredited "man-made global warming" scare. That and give up their instinct to make the population conform by coersion, of course.

"…even smarter"??? Like to develop the IQ of a paramecium?
I agree with the Remittance Man, except that he doesn't go far enough. The thing I should really like most politicians to stop is breathing.

Quite right, Remiitance Man, there are perfectly reasonable and logical reasons for improving energy efficiency, but we don't need to pay politicians to tell us what they are. We should be free to make our own assessments as to what levels of energy use we are prepared to pay for. For example, I have limited time in the morning (plus I'm an impatient old git) so I'd rather pay to have the tv and its associated boxes on standby overnight rather than have to wait 5 minutes while they all reboot themselves. My money, my choice and politicians can go and procreate themselves. I could set the alarm five minutes earlier, but I don't want to.

"My money, my choice and politicians can go and procreate themselves."

Quite right, DocBud!

My family didn't fight two world wars for the Empire and see off communism in order to freeze in the dark while chewing on root vegetables from the basement.

When I think of these politicos, I remember Bertolt Brecht's great line about the East German government in the aftermath of the 1953 uprising:

"The people have lost the confidence of the government; the government has decided to dissolve the people, and to appoint another one."

If low carbon lifestyle was cheaper and healthier - it would already be in action.

Agree with all the comments above.

It all boils down to one thing - do we want individual free choice or not?

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