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It's only weather

Gulf Times – Europe shivers as travel is halted, death toll rises

The death toll continued to rise yesterday in Europe as the severe Arctic cold, blizzards and snowfalls kept a grip on the continent, causing major transport and energy disruptions.

For some reason the BBC and papers here don't seem to be highlighting all this climate chaos. Real deaths, real disasters, real costs are not nearly as exciting as the images of us frying in the future. And as ever the best defence against the weather is to be as rich as possible, it is freezing in Warsaw Illinois as well but they aren't dying on the streets as they are in Poland.


At about 0745 this morning, here in Beaconsfield, our car thermometer (after the engine had been helping defrost things for several minutes) was reporting a temperature of -6.5C. The nearest weather station (High Wycombe about 7 miles away) was reported on the Met Office site as being at -3.1C. The area picture on the Met Office site reported -3 for the north-east portion of its south-east region.

Well, I'm sure there is some local variation, but +3.4C strikes me as a lot, and perhaps cause for concern when Met Office records are an important input into evidence of global warming.

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"[It] is freezing in Warsaw Illinois as well but they aren't dying on the streets as they are in Poland."


You know, as a Canadian, I'm rather surprised too.

My Polish co-religionists have always struck me as a pretty tough and resourceful bunch - and (like Scandinavians and Russians) perhaps better adapted than most Europeans to harsh weather conditions.

Maybe that's because a lot of the Poles I knew when growing up (the parents of many of my mates) were hard-as-nails immigrants who'd fought the Germans, then had to flee the Commies and now had had to start again from scratch.

The legacy of communism?

If global temperatures are indeed falling -- and the evidence (real, not invented) seems to be pointing that way -- then Europe and Britain need to be getting ready for it. One unusually-cold winter and the unpreparedness therefor can be excused: but if it's going to become a regular feature of winter, then the governments had better start getting in supplies of road salt etc. in greater quantities than before. Or they can be replaced.

Chicago mayor Michael Bilandic once got voted out of office because the streets weren't plowed. One winter was all it took for the Chicagoans to take that as a sign of an inept manager.

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