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Traditional Seasonal Welcome at The Inn

Snow-trapped cars abandoned at pub are wheel-clamped - Times Online
Motorists who abandoned their cars in a pub car park returned the next day to find that they had been wheel-clamped. The drivers left their vehicles outside the Roebuck Inn, in Winchester, Hampshire, after ice and snow brought traffic to a standstill.

The Roebuck Inn has all the charm of a traditional English pub, great food and drink and above all a very friendly welcome.

Very friendly indeed! Thank goodness a poor single pregnant woman didn't turn up looking for a bed for the night, as I doubt they even have a stable to offer her. In fact reading the rest of their website is enough to put me off ever visiting a "Traditional Pub" ever again..

After refurbishment the Roebuck has taken on a new image with wood floors, oak tables and chesterfield sofas taking pride of place and lots to interest hanging on the walls.
The modern traditional decor and warm atmosphere welcomes any visitor. So come in and grab a bite to eat, a coffee and a read of the ‘dailys’ or just have a pint and a game of scrabble with old friends.
Just sign up to our mailing list and you go into the draw to win 12 bottles of wine, one for each month of the year.


A single case? A mere twelve bottles? And they call that "a year's worth!"

With that sort of mentality, the owner is clearly unfit to be a Barlord.

Gee Honey, in Englandland there is a town named after the rifle. When we are over, we'll have to go visit with them and play Scrabble. This place sounds genuinely authentic with modern traditional decor.

Presumably the pub had gone around clearing the snow off all the signs warning that cars parked there were liable to be clamped?

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