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Adonis Ski Bum

Transport Secretary away on holiday as cold snap causes travel chaos - Times Online

Lord Adonis flew to a resort in Austria at the end of last week just ahead of one of the busiest periods for the transport system.
...a source close to Lord Adonis made clear that he had no intention of abandoning his family holiday. “The man’s a workaholic. Surely he’s allowed a short family break?”

No. He is paid to sort out the bloody shambles. Next question please.

ADONIS: Handsome God of Desire and Manly Good Looks. Has a very high squeee! factor. Is this correct?



"Lord Adonis"?

Surely you jest?

His name is redolent of a cheap men's cologne.

An aptronym is a name that is applicable to its holder (e.g. the sprinter Usain Bolt, or actress Angelina Jolie). I would nominate 'Lord' Adonis as being the owner of an anaptronym.

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