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Jelly Bellied Flag Flapping Failure

Britons shun Gordon Brown’s roadshow to promote Britishness
The Conservatives say ten members of the public turned up to the first event in Leicester in December 2007, which cost £37,000 and was hosted by Jack Straw. They say that after that embarrassment, his Ministry of Justice restricted attendance at Governance of Britain events to people selected, and even paid, by the ministry.
They also claim that councillors have increasingly spurned the events. A total of 21 local authority representatives turned up in Leicester, but attendance fell at subsequent events to 11, then 10, 7 and 2. Finally, at an event in Newcastle on November 21 this year no councillors or officials turned up.
Michael Wills, the Justice Minister, who had attended the previous events, also failed to attend.
Mr Wills hit back yesterday at the Conservatives. “It’s disappointing that they have such little regard for what it means to be British and the importance of this identity in a challenging world,” he said. The total bill for the Britishness events was expected to be less than £1 million, he added.
Labour officials denied that the public had snubbed the events. They claimed that 457 of the 500 people invited to the first five events had attended; and 225 of the 240 invited to return for the reconvened events had done so. They insisted that small payments were the norm in research of this kind, to recognise the time and commitment that participants had given.

Can't even get people to attend by paying them! For more on the Jelly Bellied Flag Flapper see here and for amusement I can recommend Stalky & Co for fireside reading today.


By comparison, this year's Queen's Birthday Party in April at the British Ambassador's residence here in Costa Rica attracted over a thousand attendees and generated more than $25,000 towards local schools affected by the January earthquake. As an example of flag-flying it would be hard to top, and all thoroughly uncontaminated by edicts from the hapless goons in Whitehall. Anything that Gordon Brown touches has the instant stench of death about it. The man is a horror-show, and the sooner he is despatched to the electoral graveyard the better. With luck the ghastly leech Jack Straw will soon join him in oblivion.

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