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Health benefit of tobacco?

BBC News - Alzheimer's disease is associated with a reduced risk of cancer and vice versa, a study suggests.'

In these slow news days the health writers took a break from warning about undercooked turkey and discussed this at length on the radio.
I didn't hear one mention Tobacco - I don't know if the study itself considers this but there is "a statistically significant inverse association between smoking and Alzheimer's disease, with a trend towards decreasing risk with increasing consumption" and obviously the opposite with smoking.

It maybe that the link has been considered and dismissed or maybe the idea that there might be some tobacco health benefits is a heresy too far to be reported.

Maybe if you are old you should take up the pipe, you are going to die before you get cancer and it might keep your grey cells in finer shape...


It might be that if you smoke you do not live long enough to get 'alzeimers'.

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