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Happy New Year Sort Of

There doesn't seem to be much happy anticipation of a New Year about. Iain Dale is all excited but then I think he hopes to become an MP this year. Everyone else sees a continuation of the dull grey years we have had lately.
Politics, we will face a tediously long campaign here where the reality of the measures we need will be ignored by all parties, and our real Government in Brussels will carry on regardless.
There will be bluster and sparks of outrage at our losses of liberties but little progress at throwing off the overbearing state.
Brave men in sandy places will continue to die because politicians lie.
The most important factor in our future prosperity is going to be the weather. If it is a warm year the stranglehold of the Warmists will be completed, if it is a cold one then the seeds of doubt will flourish in the cracks of the theory and slow down, if not halt, the destruction of the Western economies.

In our personal lives it will be a year of sorrows, of love and laughter. May yours be a good one.


Happy New Year.

I have been visiting your site first thing for years now and am very grateful for your's (and on his site, MR FM's) apercus.

Many thanks.

Isn't Iain always becoming an MP?

Nulabour will be removed this year, Obama and the dems are in for a hiding in the midterms.....things are turning our way and I feel 2010 will see the begining of more conservative outlook worldwide.

I hope you and yours are blessed in the coming year.

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