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A Tory Slogan That Would Win

Labour’s fixation with control is strangling everyone | Jenni Russell - Times Online

Our sense of self depends on our having some control over how we live. Labour made a disastrous mistake when it abandoned its own tradition of self-help and mutual assistance for a distrustful bureaucratic state. We are not willing to be the helpless observers of our lives.
Trust is the guiding principle of the reforms the Tories promise. The belief is that those who are given responsibility will behave responsibly. The target culture will be ripped up. Public servants will be expected to innovate. Communities will be encouraged to take over and run local shops, pubs or services. Professionals will be trusted to work in the ways that they choose. The public will be trusted to make choices and judgments on that basis.
They are intended to overturn what the Tories see as an infantilising state, replacing it with one that explicitly intends to bring people together and to encourage the development of the social institutions that give people self-respect and meaning. Millions will be sceptical about these plans, their practicality and the motivation behind them. They are unlikely to be vote winners because so few will believe in them.

Nearly, but wrong, wrong wrong. The overbearing state is the hallmark of Labour and hopefully will doom it but we don't want it replaced with cuddly Tory Social Institutions, organised to be jolly good for us. We just want to be free to do what the fuck we want to to. If that means a few of us meet up down the pub and set up an allotment society, great. We don't some moonfaced twat issuing "The Community" with detailed instructions that we should set up an Allotment Society. Just fuck off and leave us alone should be the rallying call. Like Alastair Campbell I thought the new Tory slogan was crap and actually something to do with global warming, so let me suggest a new one, one that would win my vote;

Vote Tory and We Promise to Fuck Off and Leave You Alone


'Vote Tory and We Promise to Fuck Off and Leave You Alone'

But they won't , so I won't.

After Lisbon who will believe any Tory promise?

How about: "Vote Tory to reduce state meddling"
(Even though it won't)

A Tory Slogan would be:

We will end energy taxes and f**.. leave you alone".

How about "Better government not Bigger government" as a strapline on everything? Then a positive message that they are going to fix things along the lines of "Let's fix Brown's Broke(n) Britain". Say those two things again and again and shift the agenda back to them to explain how and why they didn't break everything and what they plan to do about it....

I've always maintained that a party called the Leave-Me-the-Hell-Alone Party would probably carry most Western U.S. states.

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