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Leave the Hunting Act alone

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: Be very very careful what you wish for?
...the antis got their ban & fox hunting has continued pretty much as before; therefore everyone is happy.
If a new Tory administration were to repel the ban, at least for a time, the fox hunters will be happy. But when the socialists next have a parliamentary majority & that dark day will surely come in time, what exactly will they do? Of course they will ban it again but this time the legislation won’t be so full of holes that you can drive a pack of hounds through it. Just a thought you understand but just sometimes, a classic English fudge is possibly the best of all outcomes

The Hunting Act is also welcomed by many landowners as the only legislation that can be used to curb the activities of our Subaru driving freelance scrap-metal liberating lurcher owning friends.


Actually, the anti-hunt groups are not happy with the the lack of enforcement of the current legislation and many would also like to strengthen it. Where you are incorrect is with your assumption that these loopholes will only be closed by a socialist majority at some later date.

David Cameron's threat of repeal has managed to mobilise a much larger and better coordinated anti-hunt community than ever before. People who support all political parties (yes believe it or not - even many Tories) are getting together with many in the rural communities to make sure this repeal does not happen. The pro-hunt media that is filling our news sites with stories about how the act is not working and difficult to police are only giving us more ammunition to improve the act rather than repeal it. Keep those stories coming!

So when have the socialists been in power then?

If anything, the Hunting Act needs strengthening so that we can be sure that chasing and killing wild animals for fun is clearly and for ever unlawful and regarded by all with well-deserved revulsion. If they know what's good for them politically, Cameron & Co. should, at the very least, promise to let sleeping dogs lie.

Right conclusion, but wrong reasoning I think.
Those wanting to ban foxhunting will take their next chance to do so however many years in the future that may be, whatever is or is not done by the next government.
However there are considerably more important uses for Parliamentary time, So I would hope that the next government leaves it alone.
My guess is that it will next get discussed in Parliament when, again, a government wants to fill the news screens with something to divert attention from what it is doing.

Interesting set of comments above.
Although during the hunt my sympathies are entirely with the fox (as underdog), the fact remains that any law that seeks to involve other species than Homo sapiens is on fairly shaky ground because an animal can't be party to it. Sure, humans can decide among themselves that hunting other species is "wrong", but so what? I'd bet that virtually all who champion the cause of cuddly Foxy Woxy will call for the killers [i]ek dum[/i] on meeting Rattus norvegicus in the hallway, and "sanctity of life" be damned.
The simple fact is the 'unspeakable' have been in full pursuit of 'the uneatable' for centuries now, killing about 30% of those they chase, almost exclusively the old and sick, and thus preserving the general health of the population and thereby preventing the sort of 'boom and bust' population dynamics of a species without top predators which would cause major problems for other species, including H. sap.
If the Tories have any sense (dubious) when they get in again with an overall majority they will take heed of the Fabian tendency and break the ratchet which allows Labour to advance their agenda by stealth by passing a portmanteau General Repeal Act to get rid of a huge amount of junk legislation and then reinstate the hereditaries and forbid the meddling in either House's constitution by the other, so that all legislation must be passed by both Houses acting independently. Since the Tories have a natural majority in an hereditary Lords that should neatly kipper any attempts by Labour to B****r up this country any further. There may turn out to be a downside, but that is for future generations to sort out.

True conservatives, rise up as the Aussies rose against Turnball!

As the MP's have very little to do since 84% of leglislation comes from Brussels and is exempt from discussion, they have plenty of time to discuss the important issues like fox hunting.

Ok, rant time people.
Frankly, I don't much care how the fox population is kept at a reasonable level as long as they stop killing our hens. (No I don't want them wiped out or having to suffer the sort of indignities of age issues, elder homo sapiens go through, just give the fox a condom if you like, and there is a fitting job for an anti).

This (killing of hens) was not a problem a few years back when a high fence was sufficient to keep the so and so's at bay, but now the hens have to live in mini fortresses, with supervised exercise periods only.
Clearly, hunting (by whatever means) has its place in the scheme of things.

We can only hope that, as with the current climate fad, the fashionista's will move on when bored or have matured a bit.
There, I think I have covered most of the subjects currently exercising me! Thanks.

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