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Not on your Nelly

Winter set to be coldest for 30 years - Times Online

Ann Furtado wrote:
I can't bear the endless stream of dumb climate change skeptics! As the earth's climate becomes more unstable as a result of excess CO2 in the atmosphere, we will have more extreme weather, catastrophic weather events and yes, we in the UK may well have warmer summers but we'll pay for it with colder winters. Geddit?! Dear Times editor, why don't you call a moratorium on this before I and others go stark raving bonkers with these morons!

Ms Furtado seems upset at someone insulting the one true religion. I don't know if it is the same Ann Furtado but I noticed she has signed only one public petition, one that I can support...Improve Road User Safety outside Kings Arms. It is nice to able to agree on something in this confusing world.


Only just caught up with this post. Haven't you heard, summer has been cancelled, there's going to be an ice age instead, apparently the scientists have been reading the climate data charts upside down.

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