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Vote No in Iceland

Iceland: Fire and ice - The Guardian

Iceland faces a choice: pay €3.5bn, or about €12,000 per citizen, to a pair of far richer and more powerful countries; or cut itself off from outside financial help and the safe haven of prospective EU membership. The country will either spend years as an icy pariah state or saddle itself with massive repayments, or possibly both.
Polls suggest that most people will vote no to a controversial law agreeing to pay Britain and the Netherlands for bailing out domestic holders of failed Icesave savings accounts, an outcome which would be a glorious but self-defeating piece of Viking stubbornness.

Self defeating? Keep the money in their pockets rather than give it to Gordon, stay out of the EU, keep control of their fish etc. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Amen to that!
Apart from (or maybe helped by?) the climate, Iceland could profitably become a haven for the footloose rich who might be considering retiring to e.g. Panama.
Thinking about it, maybe 6 1/2 months a year there wouldn't be so bad

Go for it, Iceland. The only reason people lost their money was because they were greedy and ignored the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Would they have been happy to a special Icelandic windfall tax on their gains?
The good thing is that Iceland is big enough, unlike Liechtenstein, the Channel Islands, etc., to be a viable tax haven to enforce some fiscal responsibility on the US, EUSSR and others who are hell-bent on forming a universal tax regime. It's also a pleasant place to be (provided you don't mind it being a bit brassy on occasion).

Dontcha just luv the Graun? What a world they live in where "the safe haven of prospective EU membership" is something they think is of more value than controlling your own economy, currency, tax etc. The fall and fall of the EU has only just started. Binding yourself to this bandwagon just before it goes over the cliff is not a smart move.

I really hope the voters in Iceland stick a firm two fingers up to their government and vote go it alone without "the safe haven of prospective EU membership". Life might be tougher in the very short term, but being an independent, low tax, stable, democratic nation state is a much better place to be than just another region in the EUSSR subject to the PC whims of the unelected dictatorship in Brussels. With modern communications they could easily be the base for a very lucrative offshore financial services industry sited neatly between US and EU markets if they chose...they might need to rethink their banking regs first though.

Come on people of Iceland! Vote no and know that there are plenty in the UK who support your decision.

The people of Iceland never offered to pay back the money to foreign savers (avoiding taxes here), and yet our wonderful leaders decided to hand out the money anyway, hoping to get it back later. Whatever happened to people being responsible for their own finances - banks & bankers all over the world withdrew deposits from Iceland nearly a year before it all went tits up, wasn't that an indicator to people/councils?

I have emailed the news desk at the only (I think) Icelandic newspaper, telling them that I believe that ordinary Icelanders are teaching the world a lesson.

The news desk email address is netfrett@mbl.is .


Staying out of the EU is self-defeating on what planet?

Oh, planet Graun of course, I should have realised...

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