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Baby, It's cold outside so...

Snowed-in spouses 'turning to adultery' - Telegraph

Spouses forced to work from home in swathes of the country where snow has brought transport to a standstill are flocking online to search for new romances, according to the website IllicitEncounters.co.uk. : "The adverse weather has obviously influenced many sign-ups. Usually, the West Country is a relatively quiet area for us – but over the last 3 days we have received over 900 new members from Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

And if you are snowed in exactly how are you going to have a secret affair?
I think I better go and examine the sets of footprints in the snow on the drive, we seem to have had a lot of deliveries whilst I was out delivering logs yesterday....


Logs? You never mentioned logs before. Half a load please... as quick as you like :-)

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