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What is the Department of Energy and Climate Change for?

Wind farms could power half of Britain’s homes The Times tells us:

EU Referendum reminds us that just when you need it most, it doesn't. We're peaking at 59GW and wind was supplying a pathetic 3.5 percent of installed capacity, delivering a mere 147MW just after midnight, or 0.3 percent of our total power requirement.

My Granny could fart more than the wind that's blowing in this cold still weather, in other news gas is being rationed and the Renewables Industry is bitching about having to pay the cost of trickling the juice they want to produce to where it is needed.

And what has the Department of Energy and Climate Change got to say about the chaos.

Nothing. The latest news is Ed the Horse's neighing about Copenhagen.


The AGW crowd put inordinate faith in their shiny new windmills as the favoured alternative (in this windswept, cloudy island)to carbon based fuels. They seem oblivious to the fact that peak fuel demand in winter almost always coincides with 'blocking highs' which result in still air and very cold nights (see the lows northern England & Scotland are now experiencing). In these conditions, windmills, as you rightly point out, are absolutely useless.

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