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Lysenkoism To Save British Agricutlure

Plans for British 'GM food revolution' come under fire | guardian.co.uk

"For decades politicians have starved agriculture of resources on the mistaken notion that the market would deliver a secure food supply," said biologist and writer Colin Tudge "The government has recognised that we're now in trouble and are desperately pinning their hopes on untried GM technology to save us. But scientists who truly understand agriculture know that this can't solve our food supply problems. The real answer is to redesign agriculture from first principles"

Of course Tudge isn't a disciple of Trofim Lysenko, he has a completely different messianic proposal.


While I think Tudge and his chumsare idiots I'm not necessarily anti-GM. That being said, perhaps there is an alternative to either going backwards or hosing billions of government research.

Why doesn't someone propose that the government siply cuts all subsidies and simultaneously reduces the burdensome regulation placed on British farmers. That way farmers in Britain would be able to grow whatever makes them money and farmers from elsewhere would get the chance to sell their produce into Britain.

I suspect that this would provide the country with the food it wants without raping Africa/Asia/South America or bankrupting British farmers. It would also have the added benefit of being cheaper both in terms of tax and prices in the shops.

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