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Gordon King of the Pygmies

'PM has lost it but Cabinet are scared to wield knife' - Scotsman.com News

One Scottish MP told The Scotsman: "We have an extraordinary situation. What has emerged from this failed coup is that Gordon Brown is the only Prime Minister in history not to have the confidence of his Cabinet but still remain as Prime Minister.

"He is there out of a mixture of obstinance and arrogance. There is a touch of the Churchills about him. He thinks he is destined for great things. Unfortunately, unlike Churchill, it is only what he thinks, rather than actually being true."

He went on: "But look at the pygmies he had in his Cabinet. Look at the pathetic concessions they wanted to support him.

"The problem is that the party has accepted defeat at the next election simply to avoid a little bit of discomfort in getting rid of the leader."

And that is one of his own talking...


Pygmies ? Too many years of Brown and his McBride-type henchmen cutting anyone who rose up, off at the knees ? Hmmm .... what a surprise.

Alan Douglas

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