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I say, I say have you heard the one about...

If I hear another global warming joke, I’ll . . . - Giles Coren

Nobody who understands the science is claiming that global warming (if it happens) is going to make Britain hotter in the long run.
Can you get it into your thick skulls? If global warming turns out to be true, Britain weather will go bonkers. It will snow all the time. Weather might be like this more often, not less. Those unseasonably sunny early springs are exactly what there will be fewer of, not more. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
I appreciate how enjoyable it is for middle-aged rightwingers, who think that climate change (along with racial prejudice, gender inequality and Aids) is a lefty invention by softies on Camden Council, to make a mockery of it every time there is any sort of weather at all, but it is driving me absolutely insane.
If you don’t understand it, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT! And if you don’t believe in it, and you think that recent global temperatures have followed an upward trend because of something to do with sunspots and solar cycles and that climate change is just a way for certain endemic quasi-socialist, wealth-baiting principles to manifest themselves politically in the aftermath of communism, then SAY SO!

There, there; time for Gilesy's night-nights. A nice big mug of hot milk, snuggle down and you will feel a lot better in the morning.

Meanwhile in the real world people are dying, being injured, kept from work and play because the warmist fantasies of Councils and Government have left us in a state of unpreparedness. And that is no joke.


J. D. Rockefeller once said that he knew the Wall Street crash was coming when his shoe shine boy started giving him advice on stocks and shares. Nowadays we know that the Global Warming Alarmist camp is crashing when our restaurant critic gives us advice on climate change.

Is he perhaps being sponsored by the Ministry of Silly Talk?

Coren: "I appreciate how enjoyable it is for middle-aged rightwingers... to make a mockery of [global warming] every time there is any sort of weather at all, but it is driving me absolutely insane."

Evidently it's working then.

So Weather isn't climate - even though they collect climate records from Weather stations?

When it gets hotter, it will get colder? I have no idea of the logic of that one - maybe it only works if you do recreational drugs?

If I don't know what I'm talking about, I should shut up? What if I do know what I'm talking about, but have a different opinion? Do I still have to shut up?

I have a feeling we are starting to see the end of this climate change religion - all it will take if to find another bandwagon for them all to jump on ...!

Easy now chaps,have some consideration...he is just a confused leftie lovie who can't understand why it's all going off script.

Has it come to this; climate change science from a resturant critic? Just because he's been on telly he thinks we'll swallow every opinion he rants at us. This debate is all opinion and bad science. This type of moron, along with Brigstocke, thinks that being a c-list celeb gives them wisom that us peons will never attain.

The worst part of this delusion is that they are so deluded that any weather supports their global warming mantra:

a) The temperature is higher than yesterday (see I told you it was global warming)
b) The temperature is lower than yesterday (global warming means we'll all get colder, it's down to the jet stream, idiot!)
c) The temperature hasn't changed (but there's a long term upward trend & a couple more polar bears have croaked & this reservoir is quite empty)

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