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Subsidising the better off

Scotland is most affluent country in Britain - Times Online

Scotland is now the most affluent country in the UK, according to a study which reveals that a decade of devolution has produced higher wages and less poverty and unemployment than in England.
The changes have prompted renewed calls for an end to the preferential funding formula which gives Scots 20% higher public spending than those south of the border.
Mark Wallace, campaign director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, described the 30-year-old formula, which gives Scots £1,567 more per head, as “outdated and inappropriate”.
He added: “There have long been serious problems with the heavy subsidies paid to Scotland but there has been a political paralysis, which means that the issue is not something the parties at Westminster have wanted to face up to.

The Tories want to buy some seats in Scotland, the LibDims are suckers for any Celt with his hand out and as for Labour I can't think why they are so generous to the Scotch...


Ah yes, the preferential funding formula - the Achilles Heel of the Scottish independence pipe-dream.

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