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Don't snigger, you'll be arrested.

Businessman arrested over "anti-gypsy" email he did not even write - Telegraph

The 45-year-old IT company manager, who does not want to be named, was arrested in front of his wife and young son, was fingerprinted and had his DNA taken.
It came after staff at Rother District Council in East Sussex declared the phrase “It’s the “do as you likey” attitude that I am against” – sent in an email to their planning department – was potentially racist because “likey” rhymes with the derogatory word “pikey”.
A council spokesman said: “As far as we were concerned it was an offensive comment, so we got in touch with the police.”

Possessing a friend who uses words that might rhyme with a word that might be offensive - I plead guilty.


When will this madness ever end?

Lurch, it will end when I take power. A lot of nonsense will end when I take power.

Continuing the rhyme, who was it used to say "Me no likey!" It became a common phrase for a while; and apologies, Mr E, if my using it here causes a mass police raid on you.

How is the, equally aggressive I have no doubt, expunging of the police record of the innocent accused going. His DNA will be immediately removed from the national database, beyond question.

DNA collection from the (as-yet-un-convicted) accused, I expect acquiesced to as voluntarily as his initial trip to the police station; was retention of any body part deemed necessary to aid police in their inquiries, and will surgical reattachment follow apace?

(Bangs head on desk) What planet are Rother District Council from? Sure as hell isn't Earth.

Does this mean I can no longer 'snigger'??????

Perhaps someone should analyse every single statement issued by Rother District Council for potential rhymes and make formal complaints about them.

Trying to thing anything offensive that can rhyme with "Rother".

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