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Arizona Happy Snaps

Arizona speed cameras may be flash in pan as $90m fines are ignored - Times Online

Although about 700,000 tickets have been issued since Arizona’s 76-camera plan was rolled out last year, a mere $37 million of the $127 million in fines and surcharges has been collected. That is because Arizonans have realised that they can simply ignore tickets sent to them in the post, and the authorities cannot prove that they have received them. Unless the tickets are served in person — something Arizona cannot afford to do — they become void after three months.
Arizona was the first state to commit to the technology under the then governor Janet Napolitano, now the US Secretary of Homeland Security.
The new governor — Jan Brewer, a Republican — is openly critical, and agrees that the scheme was introduced more to raise money than to prevent accidents.
Motorists have shown their opposition to the machines in other ways, too — such as placing large cardboard boxes over them, decorating them with sticky notes, attacking them with pickaxes and, in one case, setting off the cameras while standing in front wearing a monkey mask.

Decorating them with sticky notes? How very sweet, they have lessons to learn from abroad


As long as the tickets can just be ignored, there's no need to demolish the stupid things. If ever AZ gets serious about it, expect to see firearms being used to errrr nullify them.

On my old blog, one of the most popular threads was "Best caliber for rendering speed cameras useless".

The general consensus was: .30-06 for a long-range standoff shot, or a 12 ga. slug if you wanted to sneak up from behind and bugger it, as it were. Other favorites were the .308 Win and the venerable .45-70 Govt.

My favorite was the guy who was going to put on a mask, walk right up to the camera and shoot it in the lens with a .357 Mag -- making it "personal", as it were.

Also, if I recall correctly, possession of explosives is not as tightly controlled in AZ as it may be in other states...

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