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Monckton on Crimes against Humnaity

The 'global warming' scam: a crime against humanity - On Line Opinion - 11/1/2010

Crime against humanity. Not a moderate phrase, that. The usual penalty for crimes against humanity, as dictators from Mussolini to Saddam Hussein have found out to their cost, is execution.

Yet Dr James Hansen, a paid senior citizen working for an agency of the United States Government that has profited mightily from “global warming”, has said that anyone who disagrees with his personal hang-ups about the potentially catastrophic threat to humankind from a little extra CO2 in the air should be put on trial for what he calls “high crimes against humanity”.....
So, who are the criminals against humanity? The brave and diligent scientists whose research in many different fields now amply demonstrates that the chief conclusions of the UN’s climate panel are nonsense, or the pietistic true-believers whose policies allegedly designed to address the non-problem of “global warming” are already killing millions by starvation?


The global leaders need one hell of a shock to bring them back to the problems of the present. They have been told of a panic some time in the future and have abandoned the poor, needy and even just normal productive people here in the present. How on Earth can any of the lot in Westminster consider energy prices more than doubling not through demand but through taxation, acceptable? Or the increased cost of food?

There are no technologies on the horizon that can maintain our standard of living and slash carbon emissions, it's one or the other and the politicians seem to have been reeled in by the climate propaganda. They are responding to a panic. To counter the cost of living rises they appear to comfort themselves with 'people eating less will be healthier', people walking more will be healthier, people earning less will be taxed more, people using their heating much less will be??? Dead is the answer. Are they trying to kill off pensioners?

Wait until the coal-fired power stations in the UK, decreed by the almighty EU to be filthy CO2 polluters, are forced to close.
"The lights are going out all over England."

The 2 comments above seem unduly pessimistic to me. Mind you I'm writing from New Zealand, but this in the Daily Mail...


...seems to indicate that the hysterical green left alarmists are continuing to have their cause chopped out from under them, and when you consider Climategate and the Copenhagen fiasco too, then I think that green left credibility is almost gone.

Perhaps some of the more strident hysterics need a custard pie in the face.

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