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Chainsaws on Ice


There was a willow branch overhanging the pond in my garden that has needed to be removed for sometime, but I didn't fancy either standing waist deep in the pond, or balancing in a boat whilst cutting it off.
I'm obviously very slow because it only has just struck me that as the pond is frozen hard it would now be easy, so that was my first job this morning.
Chainsaws on Ice, I wonder if ITV would be interested in a Celebrity version?

Whoops, my Bad..
BBC - Earth News - Big freeze and ice is 'good for pond life'
Dr Biggs cautions that pond owners should take great care around frozen ponds, and ensure they never step onto the ice which could easily break.


Or how about attaching the chainsaw to a sledge, digging the chain into the ice and seeing how fast you can get from one side to the other? Definitely one for 'Top gear'!
PS don't forget your life jacket.

Not quite on topic but reading between the lines you live south of Marlborough? If so you might already be aware of Eric Gilbert's weather website www.windrushweather.co.uk on which he has recorded daily readings at Marlborough since the early 1980s. His annual review makes interesting reading. Regards Michel (actually of West Selkley).

I think the chap from HSE might want a word with you...

Jobs like this are why God invented the concept of "sons". Get one of them to do it, and if they fall through the ice, you can tell them it's part of Nature's way of "toughening them up" -- and if they refuse to do it because they're afraid, go after THEM with the chainsaw and give them something to really be afraid about.

Sometimes, I worry about you...

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