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Rebellion on Ice

Thousands of curlers will take to the ice despite warnings - Scotsman.com News

THOUSANDS of rebel curlers are expected to take to the ice at the frozen Lake of Menteith near Aberfoyle today to take part in what is being referred to as the "People's Grand Match".
The Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC) was forced to cancel the official Grand Match between the north and south of Scotland because of safety fears raised by the local authority and emergency services.
But news of the ban helped attract thousands of people on to the frozen lake over the weekend and sparked an internet campaign urging curlers to defy the ban and take to the ice today.
Curling enthusiast and internet campaigner Craig Stobo said: "This is an event that has been going on for hundreds of years and we can't even organise it. It renders Scotland a laughing stock.

People power to the rescue, but apparently it may be too wet to play


In my college days in Scotland I went out with a Scots lass. She aked me one day, "Do you curl?" I was at a loss for an answer.

Why on earth did they wait till Tuesday, when ALL the forecasts were saying the weather would start to warm up from Sunday evening?

I went skating on a neighbour's pond on Sunday afternoon, the ice was smooth, hard, and thick, the skating was brilliant. A very fine covering of soft global warming made no difference whatever, you could just skate right through it.

Elf n'Safety can k my a. When are we going to start telling these arseholes to go take a hike?

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