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According to my notebook you are nicked

Tesco is ‘too dangerous’ for chief constable to buy his own sandwich - Times Online

Mr Vaughan was quoted in Jane’s Police Review lamenting that “security considerations” meant someone would have to do his shopping for him in future.
Alan Fry, the chief executive of the police authority, said: “He was misquoted and the word security was never used. The headquarters in Bridgend is directly opposite a large Tesco and he was used to popping out to buy a sandwich and he was saying he may not be able to do that now because he does not have time.”
A spokesman for South Wales Police said that Mr Vaughan had written to Jane’s Police Review asking it to publish a correction.
Chris Herbert, the editor of the magazine, stood by his story. He said: “We don’t make quotes up. If it is in the story he said it, and there will be a shorthand note.
“It sounds as though he didn’t like it when he saw it in print and is back-pedalling. We haven’t yet heard from South Wales Police.”

Good job no one is going to get banged up as they argue over who said what in an interview, who would you trust to be telling the truth?


If he does not have time then he should make time. He should get out and about to places where he meets real people and not just be surrounded by minions telling him what a marvellous job he is doing. Too many Chief Constable seem to be isolated from the public and looks as if he is planning to follow in their footsteps.

Who would you sooner believe? A reporter or a senior police officer?

Yes, me too.

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