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Cornish for the Emmets

Have a good dy: Cornish language is taught in nursery - Times Online

The Movyans Skolyow Meythrin (Nursery Schools Movement) is part of a revival of the language, with roadsigns in the county in Cornish and English, and the news in Cornish on the local BBC website.
It is thought that 300 people speak Cornish fluently....Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, a teacher from Wales who will run the nursery, said: “Traditionally the language was seen as for academics or people with beards and the community of bards. Now there’s more of a cultural connection. Emilie Champliaud, 30, from France, a founder of the movement, is sending her daughter to the crèche. She wants to set up Cornish nursery schools across the county.
Sonya Anjari moved back to her native Cornwall from London last year. She said: “When I was growing up, Cornish was seen as a bit insular. Now it’s part of a movement, and is easy to make it part of everyday life.”

Sorry Ms Anjari Cornish is still "a bit insular", apart from the BBC I doubt many London employers value an ability to speak it. And why is the nursery being run by people from Wales and France. Maybe the locals aren't so keen?


Well I can see one practical reason for promoting this, not that the beardie wierdies will ever accept it.

During the Burma Campaign at least one division (7th Indian, if I remembers correctly) had their own brand of windtalkers - Welsh speaking signallers. The idea being the Japs were unlikely to have many Welsh linguists in their army. I guess having a bunch of Cornish windtalkers might be useful, but as I say, the earnest types who promote these obscure languages aren't generally into helping the defence of the realm.

No doubt they will be pushing for a Cornish Language Board along the lines of the Welsh one, which seems to have a limitless budget and puts out expensive TV adverts on the benefits of the Welsh language. "I wanted to get on in business", says one man. Where, exactly? Most of Wales is closed down and once you get over the tax bridge, no-one speaks it anyway. Unless there are jobs going in Patagonia. Yet the politicians are pushing for more legislation on compelling what businesses there are left, to use the Welsh language even more. Every document comes in two languages, even my driving licence is in two languages.

"And why is the nursery being run by people from Wales and France"

Well, probably because Welsh and Breton are still living Brythonic languages. Cornish actually died and was artificially resuscitated - which I suppose makes it even more weirdy beardy, but who cares? It's a nursery school. I don't think the kids need to worry just yet about job qualifications.

The good news is that as soon as children start speaking it in larger numbers, it shall no longer be "beardy weirdie" and you won't be able to make xenophobic comments about it. :-)

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