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Thank goodness Gordon wasn't in charge

British supermarkets at root of vegetable supply problem | guardian.co.uk

Gordon Brown has been known to keep a close eye on the country's shopping baskets, and on Monday morning root veg took its place alongside the prime minister's presentation of his election campaign team. Carrots and some green vegetables might run out because of the snow, Downing street was warned. There were also problems with the national supply of milk.
Just a week after the publication of the government's report on UK food security, the record cold snap brought the fragility of our hi-tech food system into sharp focus. By today, as the ice continued its rapid thaw, it was clear that the system had held – just – but the cracks bad weather could cause had been exposed...

The private enterprise system worked, unlike the rubbish collection, the schools, the road system...

While Richard wonders why the Councils want more money Adam Smith points out that

Both parties are fighting over how the government can control food production, distribution and retail. One can only conclude that Hilary Benn and Nick Herbert have gone stark raving mad.


The last time the government controlled the food supply in this ocuntry during WW2 we had rationing and shortages. It's not just here either, look at the old Communist Eastern bloc countries. The command economy was so good that everyone carried a shopping bag so they could join any queue that happened to form because EVERYTHING was in short supply. Letting Whitehall touch anything is like the kiss of death. Is there ANYTHING that they do well?

The last thing we need is barely competent MPs, most of whom couldnt run the tradional whelk stall, interfering with the UK's most successful retailers.

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