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UKIP burks

UKIP woos white working class with call for total ban on burkas - Times Online

The UK Independence Party is to call for a ban on the burka and the niqab — the Islamic cloak that covers women from head to toe and the mask that conceals most of the face — claiming they affront British values.

UKIP can fuck right off, British values include the right to wear what the hell I want to, the idea that some snivelling little greasy haired official can dictate what I wear is an affront to any sense of freedom.
If they want the BNP vote why not be honest about it and campaign for "the pakis to be sent home". If they want the vote of decent eurosceptics then they had better distance themselves from this nonsense.


Sir, on your own farm you are perfectly at liberty to accept visitors wearing a disguise, and are under no obligation to make any check on their identity- the right and the risk are both yours.
However to allow people the right to go about in disguise would appear to present a danger to the general public.Imagine a policeman getting a witness statement:-what did the shoplifter look like? Well it was wearing a black sack from head to toe. Man or woman? How would I know?.
I have read accounts from Iran that their religious dress does facilitate affaires though- no one can tell who's out walking with who.
And should a man wish to enter a "ladies only" environment, the general adoption of the Burka would greatly facilitate this.

Totally agree but would also like the owner of any establishment the right to admit people wearing his dress code only ie. no crash helmets, no nudity, no burqua, no hoodie. His castle his code.

I have to say this is one thing I totally disagree with you on. You do not know who or what is under a burka. Is it a man, woman, suicide bomber with an explosive belt on? It is just another manifestation of the islamification of the UK and Europe. Your children or perhaps their children will eventually end up living under Shari law, just as Northern Ireland will end up Catholic and part of the republic. It’s only a matter of time . Shari will be democratically voted in by the eventual Muslim majority.

I was going to vote UKIP, now I wont. Dead right, Englishman. Now, what other parties promise to take us out of Europe?...
Pete, if we ever do have a Muslim majority they'll be perfectly entitled to vote in Sharia law. (But they wont. What do think they came over here for?) And we'll be perfectly at liberty to fuck off to New Zealand. That's how it works. How did you want it to work?

Oh my. A total ban? Hoodies, ski masks, bandannas, even makeup a la panto? And beards! Hair dye! "Instant tan!" Wigs! Pants and tops (did the person appear male or female?)! [Sun]Glasses!

Yes, for something like a passport photo covering the face is not acceptable - even if you are disfigured, sorry Elephant Man. But for a trip to Tesco's?

I am not a fan of the burqa or najib, I consider them as silly as upper-class Victorians referring to furniture parts as "limbs" rather than "legs" and a legacy of considering women as property not to be even seen by others. Indeed, worse: I do not recall any society putting masks on goats or cattle to keep others from admiring them.

Not with you on this one I'm afraid.

As soon as Christians can go to church to worship in Saudi Arabia I will agree that allowing people total freedom to flout the laws of the country they are now living in is acceptable.
Is that hell freezing over?

I refer the right honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some time ago.

There's no right to wear whatever you want unless you're thinking of the right to freedom of expression or the right to religious freedom. Regardless, those rights are only available for as long as we, the people of this great nation, allow them. If a big majority of people were opposed to the wearing of the burkha - and I believe there would be - then why shouldn't it be banned? Surely the right to live under your own value system, regardless of whether the readership of the Guardian would approve of it, is more important than the right to practice an alien mediæval religious tradition in someone else's country?

"those rights are only available for as long as we ... allow them."

The nature of a right is that it is inviolate; it is to be protected by our laws. It is not created by laws, and withheld on a whim. So, there is the "right to wear whatever you want" so long as you're not actually harming anyone else.

"If a big majority of people were opposed to the wearing of the burkha - and I believe there would be - then why shouldn't it be banned?"

Because it's none of their damn business. If you accept that parliament can ban the burka, you also accept that it can ban Levi's. The preference of "the majority" is a crock, mob-rule masquerading as "democracy". Part of what sets the (increasingly less-) free world apart from Islam is the relative lack of repressive laws.

In a free society, I should be permitted to ban burka-wearers (or Levi's wearers, or anyone else) from my shop at my discretion, but the state may not preempt my decision either way.


So by your logic Britain should have instituted a gulag system just because the Russians had one?

Britain has always stood for freedom, including the freedom to offend. If UKIP are really set on following the illiberal path trod by all the other parties* then they can kiss my vote goodbye.

I need to find out from DK in which constituencies the Libertarian Party will be standing. It's either that or "none of the above".

*Not necessarily over burkhas.

Well what about the right to ban something that the majority find offensive or unacceptable?

A motorcyclist can't go into a bank or a lot of shops wearing their helmet but a woman wearing a burkha can. You can't attend a protest wearing a mask but a woman wearing a burkha can. Kids wearing hoodies are banned from lots of shopping centres and shops but not a woman wearing a burkha.

The right to life and liberty is the only right that should be inviolable.

"The right to life and liberty is the only right that should be inviolable."

And that includes the liberty to wear what you want, as well as the liberty to refuse service to anyone who want. The opinion of "the majority" on a matter which does not directly harm them is irrelevant.

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