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Google or China, which is bigger?

Google beards Chinese tiger - Times Online

Google’s dispute with China over censorship and spying is fascinating on many levels. But one aspect that has been largely overlooked is the sheer scale of the financial sacrifice Google is making by taking its moral stand. In pursuit of their laudable aims, the co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are burning dollar bills on an industrial scale.

I don't doubt there is an element of noble sacrifice here but the millions of profit that Google is willing to forgo is a pittance to the economic damage that not having access to Google will cause the Chinese economy. I can't find the reference quickly, even using Google, but i think Worstall for instance pointed out that of the "profits" that Google creates it only gets to keep a percent or so.
So maybe hardball is the game to play.


I've become a bigger supporter of Google. I think that Google's financial profit could be made back now that more people like me will switch over to Google from Bing and Yahoo.

If you like Google's decision to stand up to China, check out my post here and give me a vote to back me up


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