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Tartan, Heather and Shortbread Tax on The English

Households 'face £2,700 tartan tax'
According to the Scotland Office, in 2007-08, the Scottish Parliament spent £32.3 billion, while the UK government spent £12.6bn on social protection payments in Scotland.
This comes to £44.9bn, while total tax receipts in Scotland that year (including non-domestic rates) were £38.7bn.
The paper said this gap equated to £2,700 for every Scottish household.
Scotland Office minister Ann McKechin said fiscal autonomy would mean "massive new burdens" for Scottish businesses.
She went on: "Those pressing for fiscal autonomy because they want power for power's sake have some difficult questions to answer. UK government spending to protect the most vulnerable people in Scotland is not something to be discarded lightly.
"Fiscal autonomy would mean massive new burdens for Scottish businesses and it would also mean public expenditure in Scotland would be drastically reduced. The fiscal autonomy sums simply don't add up."

Aren't they lucky someone else pays a tartan tax instead, you would think they would be grateful...


And all this from the same party that promised from Brown and Blair that it would cost 5k if the SNP won the Scottish election in 2007. If anyone added 5k to the bill it was Brown and his economic neanderthals.

The unofficial revenue totals made up by the Labour party press release team here conveniently exclude North Sea Oil revenue and Scottish taxes transferred to England, such as those for the Royal Bank of Scotland's Scottish employees.

GERS is a bible on the facts and figures from the UK Treasury, which states that excluding taxes raised by Scottish employees where the HQ was in England, (the last figures that Scotland in 2007-8) Scotland was almost 3 billion in surplus whilst England was around 24k in deficit.
Shortbread on the English?, more likely to be bangers on mash on the Scottish!
But why let the facts get in the way of a good ripping yarn. Apology on the way perhaps after you verify the facts?

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