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The Old Reward

US accused of annexing airport as squabbling hinders aid effort in Haiti | The Guardian

The US military's takeover of emergency operations in Haiti has triggered a diplomatic row with countries and aid agencies furious at having flights redirected.
Brazil and France lodged an official protest with Washington after US military aircraft were given priority at Port-au-Prince's congested airport, forcing many non-US flights to divert to the Dominican Republic.
Brasilia warned it would not relinquish command of UN forces in Haiti, and Paris complained the airport had become a US "annexe", exposing a brewing power struggle amid the global relief effort. ...

Yet again there is conflict between those who do and those who posture.

...Take up the White Man's burden--
The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the White Man's burden--
No tawdry rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper--
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go mark them with your living,
And mark them with your dead.

Take up the White Man's burden--
And reap his old reward:
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard--...


Er.... Did the Frogs supply a complete mobile airhead operations unit at the drop of a hat? Could the Brasilians establish a fully functional forward airbase amid a sea of rubble within hours of arriving? Somehow I suspect not.

Oddly, while the Frogs were locked in discussion about which wine to include in their relief supplies and the Brazilians were still trying to decide which samba outfits Haitians might prefer, the Seppos flew in a bunch of marines/navy types/airmen plus the requisite kit and got the airfield running. If you ask me this gives them first dibs when it comes to deciding which planes get to land first.

More practically, since most of the relief flights from the US have probably left military bases there is a good chance the chaps running Port au Prince International actually know they are coming and can plan their arrival, refuelling and unloading schedules accordingly. Who's willing to bet the Crapauds and the Samba Dancers are simply launching planes Haitiwards without telling anyone they are on their way?

There was I thinking that since the coronation of the new Messiah,
everything the United States did was clearly for the greater good
of mankind.


Citizens of the United States of America are colloquially known in some areas as 'seppos' or 'septic tanks', rhyming slang for "yank".

It's meant in a freindly way. Honest :-)

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