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Not Cooking Tonight in The Castle

Cold comfort in Aga saga
- Telegraph

It’s a story of traditional British pluck in the face of an assault from across the Channel: the nation’s Aga owners are uniting in the face of a Brussels directive that they believe is playing havoc with their pilot lights. Thanks to European Union insistence on lower sulphur levels in domestic kerosine, oil-fired Agas are said to be caking up with soot, and in some cases conking out.

My Aga clogged up over the weekend again because of the bloody oil and now is as cold as a womans heart. My thoughts about the EU are slightly less charitable than they normally are.


Ah yes the low sulfur fuel trap. In the US the Environmental Protection Agency wanted better mileage from vehicles and lower emissions from the diesel engines on big trucks. They mandated lower sulfur content on diesel fuel and they wanted more complete combustion in the engines. So the engines had to run leaner. The sulfur in the diesel fuel helped to protect the valves and kept the engine running cooler. So diesel engines had to be made with more exotic materials to withstand the higher operating temperatures. These engines were much more expensive. Also it turned out that it is difficult to get good mileage out of the hotter engines so fuel consumption went up. This cost is passed along to the consumer eventually. There was also a mini-boom for re manufacturing the rigs with the pre low sulfur engines that where grandfathered in. On top of it all is that the emission requirements were basically based on the goal of getting to zero. The difference between the new standards and the old standards were in the low parts per million range. It was unsubstantiated opinion not science driving it all.

Ships as well as trucks.

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