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Calling the ASI - there is another Think Tank needed

Property rights are inseparable from the duty to pay tax – both coming from the same source and being indivisible - the right to hold property is equally and exactly matched by the duty to pay tax. So anyone arguing a tax is not legitimate has at the same time to say property rights do not exist or that government is illegitimate. Those are the options.

Dicky Dumb Murphy via Worstall

The common source that gives us property rights and others the right to tax us is not specified. Yet again it seems to me that there is a gap in the think tank market that ought to be filled. I know there seems to be a think tank for every thought but they are all about systems and actions. The think tank I want to see is one dedicated to Property Rights.

Property rights exist under nearly every political system and are understood to be the cornerstone of economic activity, prosperity, happiness and apple pie.

But they are ridden roughshod over by politicians of all hues, increasingly it seems.

Where is the intellectual clout to look after them the way free markets or private enterprise are looked after?

Meumettuum.org is available....


Rights are inherent in our nature as human beings. (Some people - and a lot of history - appeals to God, but that gets confused.)

Property rights. (We need a certain amount to survive, and more to thrive.) Right of self-defense (what animal won't defend itself or its young?) Right to be free (freedom or slavery?) "Life, liberty and the pursuit of property." (It got edited before we sent it to King George, but that was how it was written in the first draft.)

I suggest "Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman for property rights. Wealth of Nations. De Toquville's "Exploring Democracy in America" isn't explicitly about property rights, more about freedom. And for an interesting discussion of liberty versus license I like "Six Great Ideas" by Mortimer Adler. (The 6 ideas are, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Liberty, Equality and Justice. Important ideas.)

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