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Benn's Rubbish Idea

Return to slop bucket as homes face ban on sending food waste to landfill - Times Online

Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, said that instead of being thrown away on landfill sites, food waste would be used for composting or turned into energy.

It. Already. Is. - We stick everything into a landfill which is carefully sealed and tap the methane produced to run big old engines which produce electricity. Simples. It works. What is so hard to understand?


This is Hilary Benn; everything is hard to understand.

Silly old you. The Government doesn't want solutions. The Government
creates problems. That way more Government intervention is required.

He is trying to undo the benefits of division of labour. Things get done more cost-effectively by employing a small number of people to put lots of rubbish in a big hole as opposed to lots of people putting little bits of rubbish in lots of little piles.

Isn't landfill a way of recycling holes in the ground?

It's not just inefficient as Gareth points out, it's unhygenic. In order to keep down vermin one should not put things like meat scraps, fat and refined sugars into compost heaps. Combine this with the reduction in refuse collection and this government is regulating Britain into a public health diaster.

You should be able to install an in-sink garbage disposal unit for under £200. If I were in the UK I would pride myself on thwarting these green vermin at every opportunity.

Yup, we have the good ol' In-Sink-Erator, and we ARE in the UK.

The only food waste that goes in the dustbin is really hard large bones such as pork chop or beef rib.

Everything else cooked goes in the grinder (known as the "grauncher" for some long-lost family reason), and everything uncooked goes on the compost.

The only problem with the garbage-grinder is that if everyone has one, you need a bigger sewage plant due to the increased BOD of all that un-digested (in human terms!) food.

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