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Won't you listen to the children!!!

BBC - World Class

During the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, schools around the world have been talking about climate change.

We believe that we're affected by climate change because it seems like winter starts earlier. Harsh weather conditions cause health problems. We can help by recycling, reducing pollution and gas emissions.
Sleepy Hollow High School, New York State, USA

Many dust storms blow in the area where I live. There is dust everywhere. Mostly it is very hot, sometimes exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. The duration of summer is increasing.
Government Boys Middle School, Kamboh Nagar, Khanewal, Pakistan

I've noticed the water getting further up the side of the pier and the banks.
Sanday Community School, The Orkneys, Scotland

Bournemouth's main industry is tourism and the wet, drab, grey summers we have been having recently, as well as our beaches are getting washed away with the storms are seriously affecting our income as a town.
Avonbourne School, Bournemouth, England

There are no 'seasons' in our country; it's just hot, hot, and hot!
Dhahran Ahliyya Schools, Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

We are affected by climate change, because in winter it gets colder than before and hotter too in summer.
Al Baihani High Model School, Aden, Yemen


Kids (like most celebrities) say the darndest things, don't they?

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