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We plough the fields and scatter the good seed...

Most British men are descended from ancient farmers - guardian.co.uk

Ancient farmers left their genetic mark on modern males by breeding more successfully than indigenous hunter-gatherer men as they made their way west, a study has found.
Genetic tests on women showed that most are descendants of hunter-gatherer females. "To us, this suggests a reproductive advantage for farming males over indigenous hunter-gatherer males during the switch from hunting and gathering to farming," said Patricia Balaresque, a co-author of the study.
"Maybe back then, it was just sexier to be a farmer."

And maybe it still is?

(Or maybe whilst the dashing hunter gathering men were chasing mammoths all over the park the stay at home farmers stayed at home with their women. Why don't you go off fishing / catch the 8:23 to town / go to that incredibly important meeting in Birmingham, I've got some seeds to plant...


Or more boringly- farming produces more food than hunter/gathering, so the farmers children didn't starve- whatever genetic stock their mothers came from.

Pat's about right.

Agriculture is just more efficient than the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and supports a higher population density.

You can see this by just looking about you and seeing how the remaining hunter-gatherer societies in the world are getting on. Short answer - they're all doomed.

I wonder how much taxpayers' money was wasted on this "research"?

Next up - scientists reckon Sun will rise probably tomorrow, but need more funding in order to be quite sure.


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