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Lock and load for the sake of the planet

Why the pink-footed goose is a CO2 villain | The Guardian

The RSPB notes that the pink-footed goose is pinkish-grey with a dark head and neck, a pink bill and, not surprisingly, pink feet and legs. It likes to eat grain and potatoes. What was less well known about the pink-footed goose, until now, is that each bird is responsible for more than 100kg of carbon-dioxide emissions each year. The pink-footed goose: the bird with a carbon footprint four times larger than a patio heater.
Unlike cows and sheep, the geese do not fart and burp out their sizable contribution to global warming. Rather, they free the carbon from the ground when they grub around in the Arctic soil for food.
Not that people concerned about global warming should reach for their shotguns. "The carbon produced by the birds is minuscule in terms of the global carbon picture," James Speed, a scientist with both the University of Aberdeen and the University Centre in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard says. "We're not saying that there should be controls on their numbers or anything like that."

If he is allowed his goose I'm allowed my patio heater, or even better my goose cooking outdoor barbecue....


We're not saying that there should be controls on their numbers or anything like that.
Why not? There are controls on light bulbs and 4x4 vehicles, allegedly for the purpose of ameliorating global warming. If these things have four times the carbon footprint as a patio heater, surely they should be culled into oblivion.

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