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If you want the real facts about the Maldives stay right where you are

ALEX Salmond has come under fire over plans to travel to the Maldives as part of a climate change fact-finding mission - Scotsman.com News

A few pleasant days on the beach paid for the tax payer why not? I'm sure the con artist politicians there will tell him some scary fairy stories to justify the hardship. If he actually wants to do some fact finding why doesn't he click at WUWT or read Nils-Axel Mörner's letter to the Maldive's President.

Carbon free research done in less time than it takes to make a bowl of porridge at no cost to the taxpayer.


So let's get this right.......you really want a politician to forgo an all expenses paid trip to a really warm, beautiful tourist destination where he essentially can do nothing for a few days and instead get him to sit in front of his PC in a boring office in Edinburgh where it's cold and the rain is falling and actually do some research work?

I'd take it easy if I was you, I think the strain's beginning to tell.

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